I’m so pleased that everyone who wears my jewelry, knows they’re getting a piece that’s specially made for them and worthy of their individual elegance and style.

-Heidi Vitchner
Designer and Owner

Before I created Bella Rose Jewelry Design, I found myself searching for a piece of jewelry that was different, something that I wouldn’t see on every other person I came across.  I wanted it to be special, something that made me feel good when I wore it.

Then one day I wandered into a bead store just to see what they had that no one else had.  I was amazed by the beauty of the gemstones, the beads and all the shiny offerings.  I decided to try my hand at making my own piece.  The possibilities were endless.  I was hooked.
I was concerned though that no one would like what I was creating.  I felt because I didn’t have any formal training that people wouldn’t take me seriously.

But then…

When I wore my own creations, people would compliment them and ask where I got them.  People seemed to like that they were hand crafted and not mass produced.
I decided I would set out to create the most authentic, quality crafted jewelry for those who wanted their individuality and beauty to shine.

It turns out…

The road was more difficult than I imagined.
I had no previous “business” education so I didn’t exactly know how to even get started on building a handmade business.  Another challenge was finding quality materials at reasonable costs while supporting local small businesses.
The owner of the bead shop I wandered into that day became somewhat of a mentor for me.  She was so good about my asking question after question about the jewelry business and suppliers she used.  Through her, I was able to meet others that have been instrumental in my getting started.  Those people have become friends, part of my life, and very important to me.

The biggest challenge…

is that the market is saturated with handmade jewelry artists.  Finding the right platform to sell was very difficult.  Doing art shows seemed like a good place to begin.  The response gave me the confidence to move forward with my own website.

Through it all…

We released our first products and the response has been more than I could have hoped for.  Because of the love my customers show me, I’ve been able to increase my business every year which allows me to support a passion of mine, donating more every year to a local “no kill” animal shelter.

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