Free Spirit Collection-Boho Jewelry

Boho Jewelry-Free Spirit Collection

Jewelry for Your Inner Adventurer

Welcome to the Free Spirit Collection.  I put together a collection of boho style jewelry that I think you’re going to love.  Included are pieces with turquoise stones in both green and blue.  You’ll also find sunstone and chrysophrase rings, bracelets and necklaces.  Each piece in the collection is one of a kind, unique, versatile and just plain fun.

In addition there are three subcategories.  I call them The Intoxicating Florals, The Summer Bouquet and The Infused Glamour categories.  All three have a necklace, a layered bracelet and a pair of complementary earrings.  For each series I used multiple gemstones with colors based on the Pantone color guide for 2021.

For The Intoxicating Florals I used iolite, pearls, and chrysophrase.  Also included are tourmaline, lemon jade prehnite and Peruvian pink opal.  Most of these colors are more pastel and opaque.  My personal favorite is The Summer Bouquet collection.  These pieces have soft rose quartz and green peridot stones which are both soft and translucent.  Reddish brown Chinese crystals, peach moonstones, tourmaline and carnelian make up the rest.  These stones are opaque and bold.  Rice pearls accent all the gemstones perfectly.  Last but not least is The Infused Glamour series.  I chose carnelian, green adventurine, citrine and pink tourmaline.  Making a bold statement are blue apatite and cherry quartz gemstone beads.

The necklaces are a single strand while the bracelets have multiple strands.

Because you’re very important to me, shipping is free.  However, this is for US residents only.  Plus, a portion of your purchase will be donated to a local animal shelter.


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