Champagne Collection-Pearl Jewelry

Pearl Jewelry-Champagne Collection

Jewelry Worthy of Celebration

Welcome to the Champagne Collection.  In this collection you’ll find freshwater pearl jewelry that’s perfect for any celebration…or anytime for that matter.  Even more special is how the pearls are combined with gemstones and Herkimer diamonds.  However in one set, the Isabel series, I used genuine Swarovski crystals in lieu of gemstones.  Herkimer diamonds and white, iridescent pearls make a gorgeous accent to the jet black crystals.

The Ivy series consists of luscious red garnet gemstones.  Accenting both series are Herkimer diamonds and pearls.  If you prefer amethyst to garnet, take a look at the Iliana series.  In this series the amethyst stones are either a soft lavender color or a dark, bold purple.  In the Ivy series you’ll find the garnets to be spectacular.  A deep, rich red color abounds throughout these gemstones.

Every piece in this collection is worthy of celebration, big or small.  Not just holiday celebrations but weddings and anniversaries as well.  You’re definitely going to feel extra special when wearing any one of these pieces.  Just imagine the “WOW” factor when combining them.

Keep in mind that any one of these pieces can be custom made with almost any gemstone.  For instance, if you like the style of the Ivy series but prefer the amethyst in the Isabel series, I can do that.  Maybe you would like peridot or citrine, depending on availability of your chosen gemstone.

As always your support means everything to me.  To thank you, your shipping is free within the United States.  In addition, a portion of your purchase will be donated to a local animal shelter.

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