Fall Winter Series-Warm Winter Jewelry

Fall Winter Series-Warm Winter Jewelry
Warm Jewel Tone Jewelry
The Fall/Winter Series is all about feeling warm when the weather gets cooler.  You’ll find that with these warm Winter jewelry pieces.

In this series, gemstones such as Iolite, deep violet in color and Lapis Lazuli, the color of a starry night sky was used.  Not to mention delicate black star sapphire, soft as velvet.  Also included are tourmaline, green Onyx, and Garnet.  Most of these colors are deep and rich.  Some are opaque while others are translucent.

As said before, you’re very important to me so I offer free you shipping.  However, this is for US residents only.  Plus, a portion of your purchase will be donated to a local animal shelter.

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