Men's Collection-Leather Jewelry

Leather Jewelry – Men’s Collection

Leather and Beaded Pieces with a Masculine Feel

Welcome to the Men’s Collection.  This collection is mostly leather jewelry but you’ll also find beaded and handcrafted metal accents.  Even though these pieces have been created with a masculine feel, anyone can wear them.  And wear them beautifully, I might add.

You’ll find gemstone beaded bracelets.  Some of the bracelets in the Men’s Collection are stretch and some have clasps, both button and toggle.  All the leather bracelets are adjustable.  However if you prefer a fixed size, I can attach a button closure or metal toggle clasp.

Some of the beaded bracelets have both wood and gold filled accents.  I’ve chosen more neutral and dark gemstones.  Jasper is a neural coloring while the jade and tourmaline bracelets have rich, dark hues.

The pendants for the necklaces are handcrafted from sheet metal.  The silver can be sterling, fine or Argentium.  The gold metal is gold filled.

Most of the pieces you see are made-to-order.  I prefer creating pieces especially for the individual ordering.  That way sizes and metal preferences can be custom created just for you.

As always, you are my top priority.  Which means you get free shipping within the United States and a portion of your purchase will be donated to a local animal shelter.

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