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Simple Jewelry-Elegant Beach Bum Collection

Beach Inspired Jewelry

Welcome to the Elegant Beach Bum Collection.  In this collection you’ll find simple jewelry pieces that are both lovely and elegant.  My inspiration for this collection came from both the ocean and the beach.  When you think of the these aspects what comes to mind…pearls, coral and maybe ocean blue waters.

Most of the pieces coordinate well with others.  For instance, the pearl drop necklace and the carnelian dangle earrings complement the pearl stacking rings and the wire cuff bracelet.  The carnelian reminds me of coral.  Another example is the layered pearl necklace with either the amazonite dangle earrings or the silver bar pearl earrings.  For a real “pop”, add the amazonite statement ring.  These pieces could represent the blues of tropical waters.  The third example would be the lariat pearl necklace, the silver pearl bracelet with the pearl dangle earrings or the gemstone earrings.  These have stones of soft pink hues like coral.  And finally, the true inspiration for this collection is the opalized wood necklace.  The stone, which is rare, truly depicts a beach scene.  It’s absolutely stunning.

You’ll have fun mixing and matching.

Because you are so important to me, you get free shipping within the United States.  Another reason to make you feel good about any purchase is a portion will be donated to a local animal shelter.

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