Beautifully Bold-Statement Jewelry

Statement Jewelry-Beautifully Bold Collection

Jewelry that Makes a Statement

Welcome to the Beautifully Bold Collection.  I put together a collection of statement jewelry.  Not only does it includes duster earrings, collar necklaces and choker necklaces, it also has bold statement rings as well.  There’s so much more too, such as marbled amethyst rings, necklaces and cuff bracelets.  Be sure to check out The Pilar Necklace which is a labradorite wire collar necklace.  One of my personal favorites.

If pearls are your preference, The Francesca Necklace, which is a baroque pearl collar necklace.  You can choose between pearls with rich green or deep pink tourmaline gemstone accents.  Maybe you like to make a statement with gorgeous rings.  You’ll find a soft green fluorite ring, a braided chrysocalla statement ring and a boulder opal ring.  Don’t miss the Peruvian pink opal ring, it’s absolutely lovely.

I would say that the majority of these pieces are all One-of-a-Kind.  Who wouldn’t want a piece of jewelry that no one else owns.  The best part, think of the heads you’ll turn!

As always, you are my top priority.  Which means you get free shipping within the United States and a portion of your purchase will be donated to a local animal shelter.

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