From the Heart-Stone Jewelry

Stone Jewelry-From the Heart Collection

Delicate and Feminine, Jewelry with Meaning

Welcome to my From the Heart Collection.  These stone jewelry pieces were created with purpose and meaning in mind.  In this collection you’ll find three series of necklaces, bracelets and two pairs of earrings.  There’s also a coordinating necklace and heart shaped earrings.

Each name and stone has a specific meaning.  The collection was created and launched to coincide with an article about Bella Rose Jewelry Design.  All revolving around mental health.

The Drea Series has citrine, amethyst and gray sapphire gemstones.  The name Drea means courageous.  In addition, each stone has a specific meaning.  Among them is optimism, happiness, healing, power and kindness.

For The Irie Series I used turquoise, sapphire and citrine.  Irie means happy.  Not only do the above meanings hold true for the sapphire and citrine but the turquoise adds wisdom and hope.

Next is The Esme Series, which means loved.  I only used citrine and sapphire stones.  As a result, this series is very neutral.

All the necklaces are layered with a gemstone and heart pendant.  The Vita necklaces are a single strand with a heart toggle closure.  Vita means hope of life.

The Asta earrings are simple silver heart post earrings.  Asta means love.

Because you are important to me, shipping is always free to US customers.  Plus, a portion of any purchase from this collection will be donated to  NAMI is the National Alliance on Mental Health.

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