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Aubergine Agate & Onyx Gemstone Necklace


Be beautifully bold with this gorgeous agate and onyx double pendant necklace.


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You'll love the striking beauty of this double gemstone pendant necklace. It's both bold and elegant.

Looking for something special, something that makes an impression without being "Over-the-Top"? Then this agate and onyx gemstone necklace is perfect for you.

Aubergine agate and onyx gemstone necklace.  First, let’s talk about the colors.  The onyx is as black as the sky on a  moonless night.  While the agate is a deep, rich, elegant aubergine.  As a result, these two gemstones together create a luxurious combination. 

Both pendants hang independently of one another.  While the agate is suspended from heavy gauge Argentium silver wire, the onyx hangs from links of Swarovski crystals.   These crystals are also a jet black. 

Twisted silver roping accents the onyx and a simple hammered wire frames the agate.     

All aspects of this piece have been hand cut and formed, from the clasp and bezels to the bail and half circle.

Overall, the length is 20 inches, which includes the pendants.  Added to the is a two inch extender chain which has been adorned with jet Swarovcski crystals.

Together, these components create a spectacular piece of jewelry.  


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