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Braided Leather Bracelet-Mixed Media Bracelet


Looking for a stylish leather bracelet?  Then this braided leather and metal bracelet is for you.

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You're going to love the stylish design of this braided leather bracelet.

You can't go wrong with this handsomely fashioned leather and metal bracelet.

This Braided Leather Bracelet is also a mixed media bracelet Simply because both metal and leather were used to create it.  What could be better.

An Argentium silver bar is woven into the leather strands.  Within the center of the silver bar you’ll see strands of macrame.  Although not your standard style of macrame but a twisted, rolled version.

On each side of the bar are sections of braided leather.  Again, not your typical braided style but the “fishtail” design.

In lieu of a slide or adjustable closure, this black leather bracelet has a button closure. 

Both bar and clasp are handcrafted.  While the bar is Argentium silver, the button is fine silver.

The inside measurement is 8-3/4 inches.

While this bracelet was designed with a masculine feel, it can be worn by anyone.  The bands are on the slim side with the metal bar being a bit wider.  Since it’s not overly bulky, it’s perfect for stacking with other pieces.  Although it’s spectacular on its own too. 

When all these components are put together, the result is a quite sophisticated.

If your looking for a gift for someone else or yourself, this mixed media bracelet is a great choice. 

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