Cascading Crystal Pendant Necklace


This exquisite gemstone necklace is sure to be one of your more prized pieces…perfect with that little black dress or go casual with a pair of jeans and a tee.




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Sheer elegance is found in this fun, feminine and flirty gemstone pendant necklace.

Sparkling gemstones cascading down the daintiest of luxurious.

Cascading gemstone pendant necklace.  Exquisite gemstones are arranged, pendant style, so they create a cascading waterfall effect.  Several different stones to choose from, all very beautiful and sure to please.

Each of these pendants drops from delicate chain.  The clasps are hand forged and adorned with various gemstones.

To complete the look, a hand cut and hammered eternity circle hangs at the end of each pendant. 

You’ll be pleased at the versatility of these necklaces.  Not only is it the perfect accessory for your “little black dress” but it looks fabulous with a tee shirt and jeans.

Options Available:

  • Argentium silver chain with chrysoprase gemstones.  In addition to being the most wonderful shade of light sea foam green, they have a pale yellow and dark green marbling effect.  This particular color of green has neutral undertones. For an extra special touch, there are clear quartz gemstone embellishments at the clasp.  The necklace length is 21 inches.
  • Argentium silver with purple jade stones.  One might say the color is more magenta, either way they’re gorgeous.  They’re pear-shaped and multi-faceted so at every turn they catch the light.  The length is 20 inches.
  • Gold filled with fluorite gemstone.  Light green in coloring.  Both translucent and softly hued.  They sparkle and shine with every turn.  The overall length is 21 inches.
  • Gold filled with Chinese crystals.  Chinese crystals are better quality with rich, deep coloring.  These happen to be a warm, dark red with brown tones.  Exquisite against the warmth of the gold.  This necklace hangs  21 inches.

Whatever your choice, you won’t be sorry.

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Chinese Crystal, Chrysoprase, Fluorite, Purple Jade


Argentium Silver, Gold-Filled


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