Chrysophrase Copper Wire Collar Necklace


A winning combination of earth tone colors and distressed copper are found in this boho styled chrysophrase collar necklace.


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The allure of earth tone colors paired with copper is unmistakable in this chrysophrase collar necklace.

If you love a natural boho vibe, you'll love this copper wire necklace.

Chrysophrase copper wire collar necklace.  Colors in these chrysophrase gemstones range from soft greens and deep browns to terracotta and amber yellow.  Each necklace hold a different yet equally beautiful chrysophrase gemstone bead.  Some are more brown than green while others hold more of the greens or amber colors.

Attaching the chrysophrase stone to the collar necklace is a distressed heavy gauge copper wire bail.

The collar piece has also been hammered and distressed.  As a result you get that earthy, boho feel.  

Fluorite and tourmaline gemstone beads adorn the copper chain and clasp.  Together with this, you’ll find a two inch chain which extends from the clasp.  It’s more decorative than anything else.  A lemon quartz gemstone accents this chain.

All aspects of this necklace have been cut and hand formed.  Put them together and you have a beautiful and distinctive chrysophrase and copper piece of jewelry. 

Prefer a chain necklace?  Take a peek at the chrysophrase scalloped chain necklace.


Each chrysophrase gemstone is unique unto itself.  The colors vary with different shades of amber, green and brown.  No two stones are alike.


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