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Contemporary Marbled Amethyst Necklace


On display at the GBK Celebrity Gifting Suite honoring the nominees and presenters of the 2020 Oscars.

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Elegant contemporary style necklace meticulously designed around these this amethyst gemstone.

Dress up your look with this gorgeous gemstone pendant necklace

Contemporary marbled amethyst necklace.  Lightly hued shades of purple amethyst blend deliciously with rich dark hues.  This creates a marbled effect.  Now you have a truly eye catching and contemporary piece of jewelry. The stone sits on a silver plate with a distinctive brushed finish.

The pendant piece is hand crafted, as well as the bail and clasp.  Additionally, all materials are Argentium silver.  This includes the delicate chain and extender chain.  However, the bezel is fine silver.

Dainty citrine gemstones accent the clasp and chain.  The two inch extender is adorned with a soft yellow citrine gemstone.  

The overall length is 20 inches which includes the 1.25 inch pendant.  However, you have an optional 2 extra inches at the clasp.

Wear this necklace alone or with the matching marbled amethyst ring and either the amethyst wire bracelet or amethyst gemstone cuff.  As a result you’ll really make an impact,

In association with The Artisan Group, this piece (along with three others) was on display at “GBK’s Celebrity Gifting Suite Honoring the Nominees and Presenters of the 2020 Oscars.”  As you can see in the images below,  the multi-talented Lisa Guerrero, currently with Inside Edition, is posing with this amethyst necklace.

LISA GUERRERO-6_Inside Edition
Lisa Guerrero

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