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Curved Gold Bar Post Earrings – Celebrity Media Collection


As seen on the CBS hit series “God Friended Me”.  A brand new feel good show.

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Did you ever see something worn on TV and wonder "how can I get that?" Well, here they are.

Gently curved gold bar earrings beautifully combined with pear shaped Purple Jade gemstone dangles

Curved gold bar post earrings with purple jade gemstone dangles.  Stunning and pear shaped, jade gemstones dangle from delicate gold filled chains.  The chains are attached to the ear nuts so they drop from behind the ear.

Hand cut gold filled wires were hammered and shaped into soft curves.  They crawl up the ear about a quarter of an inch then gently arc down below the earlobe.  

Not only are they post earrings but they’re also dangle earrings.  The two styles are combined to create a beautiful and distinctive pair of earrings.

Because of my association with The Artisan Group, I have the amazing opportunity to submit products to the stylist of television shows.  These programs could be network or cable or even big screen movies.  I created these gold bar post earrings to send in for consideration and they were chosen.  Actress Dawn-Lyen Gardner who played ‘Katie Cooper’ wore these on Season 1, Episode 2.

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In consideration for "Law & Order SVU"
Worn on the NBC Series Law & Order SVU
In consideration for a new series "Firefly Lane"

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