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Dropped Gold Bar Dangle Earrings – Celebrity Media Collection


Gifted to the stylist of the CW hit series “Jane the Virgin”, starring Gina Rodriguez, in consideration for the show.

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These stunning gold bar dangle earrings were worn on the CW hit series "Jane the Virgin"

Want to dress up your jeans and tee or add a little dazzle to special occasion attire? These earrings will be perfect for either and everything in between.

Dropped gold bar dangle earrings.  Gold filled wire hand forged and hammered into a bar with a slight curved shape.  These bars dangle from ear wires which are also hand forged from gold filled wire.  Translucent lavender iolite and peridot gemstones along with iridescent freshwater pearls accent each gold bar.  Such an elegant combination of color and texture.

What a perfect way to dress up those jeans or add a little more glamour to that little black dress of yours.

Because I’m a member of The Artisan Group, I have the amazing opportunity to submit jewelry to stylist of various media outlets.  These earrings were given to the stylist of the hit CW series “Jane the Virgin”.  They were worn in the 5th and final season in episode 8.  It aired on Wednesday May 15, 2019.  They were worn by actress Yael Grobglas who plays “Petra”.  This makes my 4th placement with the show.

Gina Rodriguez who plays ‘Jane’ in the same show wore a pair of my earrings a few times.  Not only did Christina DeRosa wear another pair of earrings but Rosario Dawson (“JR”) wore them too.

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Gifted to actress Stephanie Drapeau
Gifted to actress Stephanie Drapeau
As seen on "Jane the Virgin"

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