• Fluorite Teardrop with Silver Pendulum Necklace

Fluorite Teardrop Silver Pendulum Layered Necklace

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This stunning translucent green fluorite and silver pendulum necklace will be a welcomed addition to your jewelry collection.


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If you like to layer your necklaces, then this multi-layered necklace is perfect for you

Perfectly layered, the translucent green fluorite teardrop and the high sheen of the silver pendulum, tres' belle

Fabulous fluorite teardrop with a silver pendulum layered necklace.  This stunning translucent green fluorite teardrop gemstone is pear shaped and absolutely gorgeous.  The hammered finish on the Argentium silver pendulum adds texture as well as dimension.  Both fluorite gemstone and silver bar are suspended from delicate silver chain. 

To finish, the clasp is hand cut and formed then polished to a high sheen.  Softly hued citrine gemstones adorn the clasp.

Two necklaces in one for the perfect layered piece.  The fluorite necklace hangs at 17 inches.  The silver pendulum necklace is 21 inches with the pendulum adding another 2 inches.


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