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Garnet Teardrop Dangle Earrings – Celebrity Media Collection


Submitted to the stylist of the NBC hit series, ‘Law & Order SVU’…in consideration to be worn on the upcoming season

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Gorgeous garnet gemstone earrings submitted to the NBC hit series 'Law & Order SVU' for consideration

Looking for the perfect January birthstne gift? Look no further, these are both feminine and flirty.

Garnet teardrop dangle earrings.  Gorgeous garnet gemstones in the shape of teardrops.  You could also say they’re shaped like plump little pears.  The stones are cut with facets so at every turn, they catch the light and sparkle.

Gold filled metal was hand cut and hammered to create their unique shape.  Although these are dangling little beauties, they are also post earrings.

Not only are these wonderful for everyday wear but also for a special occasion…classic, elegant and fun.  Garnet is the birthstone for January which makes them a perfect gift for those with January birthdays.

These earrings were sent to the stylist of NBC’s hit show Law & Order SVU, in consideration to be worn on the show.

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