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Gold Pearl Drop Earrings – Celebrity Media Collection

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If you’re looking for classic beauty with elegant style, these earrings are just what you need.

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Brighten your day with the brightness of gold and the lustrous nature of pearls

 Gold Pearl Drop Earrings.  Although pearls are usually considered to be classic and conservative in style, they’re also romantic and regal.  Fortunately for us, pearls are also one of the most versatile stones with limitless possibilities.  For instance, these fabulous freshwater pearls dangle from hand forged and hammered gold eternal circles.  Now you have a classic, elegant design with a contemporary, fun and flirty feel…perfect.

Perfect style accessory for day as well as evening.  They just might become a favorite fashion piece.  

These pearls have a very subtle iridescent sheen.  Although they’re petite in size, they definitely make an impact. 

Gold-filled studs give them an even more classic design.

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