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Gold Rhodochrosite Teardrop Earrings – Celebrity Media Collection


These exquisite rhodochrosite gemstone earrings were worn by Gina Rodriguez on S5 : Ep 14 of “Jane the Virgin”. 


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Want to wear what you see on TV? Here's your chance. You'll be absolutely amazed by these exquisite gemstone earrings worn by actress Gina Rodriguez.

in association with the artisan group, these earrings were submitted to the stylist of the CW series Jane the Virgin (for consideration).

Gold rhodochrosite teardrop earrings.  The hand cut gold-filled wire is formed and soldered into teardrop shapes.  Exquisite rhodochrosite gemstones are wire wrapped and suspended from these gold teardrop.  Each faceted cut on these stones catches the light with every move.  In addition, they also resemble teardrops so they fit perfectly with the gold dewdrop shape. 

Their coloring is soft and hazy but also translucent, like pink champagne, only without the bubbles.

Additionally, the ear wires are hand cut and formed too.  The teardrops hang 1″ from the ear wires.

Thanks to Rachel, the stylist for “Jane the Virgin”, these earrings were chosen to be worn in the final season.  Actress Gina Rodriguez who plays the lead character, “Jane”, wore them in episode 14 of season 5.

This makes my 4th jewelry placement on this show.

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Worn by "Jane" on "Jane the Virgin"

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