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Gold Vertical Bar Dangle Earrings


They’re fun, they’re flirty and they go with anything…a great pair of earrings. 

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Uplift your mood with these chic, gold vertical bar dangle earrings.

These gold filled pendulum earrings are designed to flatter any style.

Gold vertical bar dangle earrings.  Stylish vertical bar earrings dangle, swing and sway at every move.  You’re going to love these earrings.  So simple in design yet they speak volumes.

Fashioned after pendulums.  These dangle earrings have a hammered finish.  Therefore, giving each bar some depth.  Not only have the bars been hand cut and formed but the ear wires are as well.  Resulting in stylish vertical bars dangling from artistically styled ear wires.

All materials are crafted from recycled gold filled or Argentium silver .


  • Argentium silver
  • Gold filled

They’re very affordable so why not get both.  If you’re like a lot of people, you switch between gold and silver all the time.  Some material looks better with silver and some look better with gold.

Because they’re so versatile you can wear them with jeans and a tee.  Or for a more elegant look, wear them with your LBD.  Perfect anywhere in between too.

When purchasing these earrings, you can feel good knowing that a portion will be donated to a local animal shelter.   

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Argentium Silver, Gold-Filled


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