Hessonite Garnet Dangle Earrings

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Don’t miss out on these exquisite hessonite garnet gemstone earrings.  Only 1 Pair left.


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Delicate gold teardrops frame the most gorgeous garnet gemstones.

Hessonite Garnet Dangle Earrings, they're just so pretty!

Hessonite garnet dangle earrings.  Highly polished and hand formed, these gold filled teardrop dangles frame wonderful hessonite garnet gemstones.  They’re so unique in their coloring…from having a translucent pale pink hue to amber patches.  In light of their unique coloring, there is only one available.  

Additionally, these earrings also come with rhodochrosite gemstones instead of the garnet (see Celebrity and Media Collection for a full description).

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