Ivy Vine Collar Necklace


Sometimes understated elegance makes the biggest impact.  You’ll find that in this fabulous collar necklace.


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Get noticed with this fabulous necklace. It's both understated and bold. And Absolutely attention worthy.

Show your individuality through this fabulous silver leaf, vine and gemstone collar necklace.

Ivy vine collar necklace.  Argentium silver ivy leaves run along delicate silver vines.  Each vine is adorned with a single green adventurine gemstone.  These stones are opaque and lightly hued.

Each leaf is hand cut, textured and formed from Argentium silver.  As a result, each one has it’s own distinctive qualities.  Like snowflakes, no two are identical.

The chain is also Argentium silver and has a “figure eight” pattern.  Adorning the chain are several gemstones.  Together with the green adventurine gemstones are tourmaline and citrine.  The citrine is a transparent, soft yellow while the tourmaline is a magnificent, dark green.

A two inch extender chain hangs from the hand crafted clasp.

For a real impact, try pairing these with the ivy leaf post earrings.


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