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Oakleigh Necklace-Teardrop Necklace


A simply elegant rhodochrosite gemstone necklace.  Perfectly delicate and dainty.  

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Find yourself getting lost in the beauty of this gold teardrop necklace.

The allure of gold paired with the enchanting rhodochrosite gemstone necklace will mesmerize you.

The Oakleigh Necklace is a delicate teardrop necklace.  Beautifully handcrafted to be delicate in design as well as being irresistible.

Your eyes are immediately drawn to the stunning rhodochrosite gemstone.  Both faceted and translucent.  As you move each facet catches a glint of light allowing it to sparkle.  Being translucent exudes a soft warmth.  I would describe the color as being equal to pink champagne.   

Delicate gold filled chain lovingly holds this teardrop pendant close to your heart.

The clasp is hand crafted from gold filled wire and metal as well.  A two inch extender chain adorned with a Herkimer diamond and pearl sits at the clasp.  Together with the necklace itself which is 18 inches, you can extend it to 20 inches.

The Oakleigh Necklace is really versatile.  Perfect for any occasion, whether with jeans and a tee or something a little more dressy.  Not to mention the perfect wedding piece.  They’re a great gift idea too.

As a result of putting all these aspects together, you have a simple yet elegant necklace.

Is Rhodochrosite a love crystal?

The simple answer is “yes”.  Which is why it’s perfect for weddings.  It’s known as the crystal of love.  Varying in color from raspberry-pink to rose-red.  Not only does rhodochrosite carry the color of love it exudes it as well.  It’ll make you feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy.

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As a member of The Artisan Group, I have some amazing gifting opportunities.  This lovely necklace is being sent to the costume designer for  upcoming film,  “Which Brings Me to You”, starring Lucy Hale.  In consideration for use on the show.

When you purchase this real rhodochrosite necklace you can be sure to receive genuine gemstone jewelry that is hand crafted and never mass produced.  Not to mention that 10% of the profit goes to a local animal shelter.  What could be better than that.

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