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Oval Labradorite Open Wire Collar Necklace


Stand out in a crowd with this exceptional labradorite collar styled necklace.


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This silver collar necklace is the perfect accessory piece...contemporary style with classic elegance.

Looking for something special, something no one else has? This oval labradorite wire necklace is sure to fit the bill.

Oval labradorite open wire collar necklace.  Heavy gauge Argentium silver wire, hand cut and formed into a simple open collar style necklace.    

Hanging from this open wire is a gorgeous blue labradorite gemstone.  It sits nestled in a wire framed bezel cup.  You’ll love the colors in this stone.  Not only will you see royal blues but also aqua blues and greens. 

Two ribbons of hammered Argentium silver wire flow from the top of the bezel.   

Both pendant and bezel cup have been hand forged and distressed.  As well as the bail.  Distressing adds texture and depth.


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