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Purple Jade Briolette Gemstone Earrings – Celebrity Media Collection


These stunning earrings were worn by actresses Christina DeRosa and Rosario Dawson on the CW’s “Jane the Virgin”.


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From my "Celebrity and Media Collection" of jewelry...gorgeous purple jade briolette gemstone earrings

These earrings were "gifted" to the stylist of 'Jane the Virgin' in consideration for use on the show.

Purple jade briolette gemstone earrings.  Stunning pear shaped purple jade gemstones with triangular facets.  Each of these little facets catch the light and sparkle at every turn.  Gorgeous green peridot and pale yellow citrine stones enhance the beauty of the jade.  These colors work quite well together and are complimented by the hand cut and hammered gold-filled ear wire.

In association with The Artisan Group, I have the amazing opportunity to submit pieces to the costume designers for consideration.  The stylist then decides whether the piece is a good fit for the actor/actress.  Actress Christina DeRosa wore them Season 3 Episode 11 (Chapter 55) and by Rosario Dawson in Season 4 Episode 9 (Chapter 73).

Christina DeRosa in Jane the Virgin
Rosario Dawson in Jane the Virgin

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