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Ruby Drop Leaf Necklace – Signature Woodland Collection


Who doesn’t love a spectacular ruby necklace.  Wear casually or dressy, either way, you’ll rock your look.

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Silver Leaf Jewelry that goes from day to night

Dainty Silver leaf and Ruby Gemstone Necklace

Ruby drop leaf necklace.  A gorgeous, lab grown ruby gemstone “berry” drops from a single stem.  Swaying from a second stem, is a handmade, single Argentium silver leaf.  Together, they create a very contemporary pendant design.  The woodland leaf is hand cut and finished to give the subtle textured look of an actual tea leaf. 

The chain is a figure eight pattern, also Argentium silver, as is the handmade clasp.  Softly hued citrine gemstones adorn the chain at the clasp.  The overall length is about 20 inches.

This collection of silver leaf pendant necklaces has other options.  There’s also a single silver leaf version with a flat cable chain and either a citrine or rainbow topaz gemstone.  Or for a little more “wow” there’s a necklace with two silver drop leaves with a gorgeous peridot stone.

This is such a simple design yet very elegant and distinctive.  Easily go from day to night without having to switch out your jewelry.


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