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Silver Amazonite Collar Necklace

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You’ll find this simple, smart and very stylish with a spectacular pop of color from the amazonite gemstone .


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This silver collar necklace has a contemporary feel, both delicate and bold.

You'll definitely get a south western vibe from this fabulous amazonite gemstone necklace.

Silver amazonite collar necklace.  Pieces of heavy gauge Argentium silver wire hang between strands of delicate silver wire, also Argentium silver.  The wires are hand cut and formed.  Citrine gemstones connect the wires to the flat cable chain.

In like manner, the clasp is also hand cut and shaped from Argentium silver.  Citrine stones connect the chain to the clasp as well.  

A splendid aqua blue amazonite gemstone hangs at the center where the wires come together.  This stone sits within a hand formed bezel cup.

Put all these details together and you truly have a spectacular piece of jewelry.  


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