• Labradorite Solitaire Ring
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Silver Blue Labradorite Solitaire Ring


Subtle colors of grays and blues create softness around this ring, allowing it to be an extremely versatile accessory.

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If you're looking for jewelry that can flow with any style, you'll certainly find it in this lovely labradorite ring.

Become mesmerized by the blues that lie beneath the gray surface of this labradorite solitaire.

Silver blue labradorite solitaire ring.  Captivating labradorite cabochon gemstone lies nestled within a fine silver bezel cup.

At first glance the stone is an opaque gray with glass-like strips.  As it catches the light, you see the brilliant blues that labradorite is known for.

To make this ring a little more interesting, the bezel sits a little off center.

Not only is the bezel strip hand cut and formed but the plate it sits on and the ring band are as well.  However, the plate and band are crafted from Argentium silver.

The ring size is 6.5. 


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