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Silver Double Leaf Dangle Earrings – Signature Woodland Collection

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Whether you’re a nature lover or not, these little leaves are sure to please.

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You'll love the contemporary design of these Woodland drop leaf earrings

Gorgeous double leaf drop earrings

Silver double leaf dangle earrings.  At first glance you see a dainty leaf stud with a dangling leaf.  Upon closer inspection, you’ll see that the dangling leaf is positioned behind the ear lobe.  The sets of double leaves have all been hand cut and crafted from Argentium silver, as is the chain.  The dangling leaves have been purposely designed so that the front and back look the same.  You’ll love how contemporary and alluring these earrings are.

In addition to these lovely double leaf drop earrings, this collection offers a single dangling leaf with a ruby gemstone stud.


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