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Silver Half Moon Labradorite Necklace


Soft and subtle colors of gray and blue are found in this labradorite gemstone necklace.


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Unique style with just enough flair to make this a must have for your accessories collection.

Looking for something special, something that makes an impression without being "Over-the-Top"? I'm guessing is just what you're looking for.

Silver half moon labradorite necklace.  Heavy gauge Argentium silver wire holds a simple half moon shape.  Together, these two pieces create an eye-catching pendant.   

A gorgeous gray/blue labradorite oval shaped gemstone hangs within this half moon.  It sits within a silver bezel nest.  A simple wire frame surrounds the bezel.  

Both pendant and bezel cup have been hand forged and polished to a high sheen.  The clasp is hand forged as well.

You’ll love the versatility of this necklace.  Elegant enough for a night out but simple enough for jeans and a tee.

Put all these details together and you truly have a spectacular piece of jewelry.  


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