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Silver Ivy Leaf Post Earrings

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Delicate ivy leaves sway on dainty silver or gold stems to create these simple but lovely post earrings.


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Sometimes the simplest pieces of jewelry can make the biggest impression. That's what you'll find in these ivy leaf earrings.

The beauty of nature comes in many forms...take a peek at these lovely ivy post earrings.

Silver ivy leaf post earrings.  A single ivy leaf on a delicate hand cut stem.  Each leaf is hand cut, textured and formed from pieces of sheet metal.  As a result, each leaf and stem has it’s own distinctive qualities.  

Equally beautiful and distinctive is the gold filled option.

For a real statement, couple these post earrings with one of the ivy leaf necklaces from the collection.  Wear alone for a simpler look.  Either way, you’re sure to impress.

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Argentium Silver, Gold-Filled


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