• double leaf peridot necklace

Silver Leaf Peridot Necklace – Signature Woodland Collection


There’s nothing better than the magnificence of peridot against the brilliance of silver.

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Distinctive collection of dainty leaf jewelry

transition beautifully from day to evening with this silver leaf pendant

Silver leaf peridot necklace.  Handmade silver tea leaves drop and sway on delicate stems.  A dazzling peridot “berry” gemstone is nestled in a fine silver bezel cup.  The woodland leaves are cut and brushed in such a way to resemble the veins and subtle textures of leaves.  In addition to the delicate chain being Argentium silver, the leaves and clasp are as well.  Peridot gemstones accent the clasp.  The overall chain length is 28 inches with an additional 2 inches for the leaves.

The splendid green color of the peridot gemstone is perfectly accentuated by the brilliance of the silver leaves and stems.

This silver double leaf pendant necklace is perfect when you have to go from day to evening but can’t change your jewelry.

If you prefer a single leaf drop pendant, my collection offers a variety of choices.  A ruby gemstone “berry” with figure eight style chain or citrine and rainbow topaz options.  Both of these options are with a delicate flat cable chain.  All of these choices are shorter in length…18 inches.


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