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Sunstone Baguette Cut Silver Ring


Looking for something different, something that’s all yours?  You won’t find this piece in any box store.

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Multi-faceted sunstone with colors of apricot and cream...beautiful

Just one of the pieces in my "Free Spirit" Collection. It's also one-of-a-kind

Sunstone baguette cut silver ring.  One of the pieces in my “Free Spirit” Collection.  Multi-faceted sunstone bead catches the light and shines with every move.

The colors graduate from a creamy white to a soft peach then finally a light apricot.

The ring band is Argentium silver ring, as well as the twisted wire accent.  However, the bezel strip is fine silver.  All aspects have been hand cut and formed.

Additionally, the band itself is flat, 3/16 of an inch wide and is size 5.5


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