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Teagan Necklace-Tourmaline Necklace


You’ll find yourself being mesmerized by the colors and hues found in this blue tourmaline necklace.

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You'll find enduring beauty in this splendid blue tourmaline Necklace.

This tourmaline pendant necklace is artfully designed and inspired by nature.

The Teagan Necklace is a blue tourmaline necklace that is sure to give you years of pleasure.  

Notice how your eyes are naturally drawn to the stunning blue tourmaline gemstone.  In like manner, you’re absolutely drawn to the colors found in this gemstone.  Not only will you find the softest of blues but deep ocean blues as well.  In certain light there’s a translucency that’s simply spectacular.  As the stone sits nestled in a fine silver bezel cup, a strand of beaded wire accents it.   

Equally important are the three handcrafted leaves atop the pendant.  In addition to being oxidized for definition, they also add a decorative flair.  

The chain is a delicate strand of Argentium silver.  At the clasp is a two inch extender chain with a blue tourmaline gemstone adornment.  Petite citrine stones connect the chain to the clasp.     

Other than the bezel, all pieces have been handcrafted from Argentium silver.  Together, this genuine blue tourmaline necklace measures between 19 and 21 inches.  

The Teagan Necklace is a lovely choice for your everyday style. 

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A question people sometimes ask is…

“What exactly is Blue Tourmaline?”

This stone is also known as Indicolite.  It’s name refers to the color which is a deep beautiful blue.  More rare than other tourmaline crystals.  Colors range from pale to dark blue with sometimes hints of turquoise.

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