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  • The Altaluna Ring

The Altaluna Ring – Peach Moonstone Ring

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You can’t help but love the beauty found in these spectacular moonstone cabochons.

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This double moonstone ring is definitely a head turner and it's one-of-a-kind.

do you like to get noticed or stand out in a crowd? if the answer is "yes" then this silver moonstone ring will spoil you for anything else.

The Altaluna Ring.  This peach moonstone ring with silver accoutrements is simply stunning .

Not only does this ring have a dreamy peach moonstone but it also has an amazing cream moonstone tooThe coloring draws you.  Once you’re there, the pearlescent glow will keep you there.

The peach moonstone is a soft but rich terracotta color.  Equally important is the creamy coloring of the ivory moonstone.

Both stones sit nestled within silver bezel cups.  The peach stone is accented with a hammered silver braid.  A simple wire frame wraps around the ivory stone.  

Argentium silver spheres accent both stones which add just the right amount of flair.  Another chic detail is the double ring band, size 7.  All aspects are from Argentium silver and have been hand crafted.  However, the bezel cup is fine silver.

When coupling the moonstones together all the silver accents, the result is quite spectacular.  Moreover, this peach moonstone ring is a one-of-a-kind piece.  You won’t find it anywhere else.

Both The Iluka Earrings and The Cordelia Necklace are the perfect complements to this silver moonstone ring.  Both pieces are from the Elegant Beach Bum Collection.

Finally, a fun little fact.  The name Altaluna means exotic.  I think it describes this ring perfectly, don’t you agree.

The Cordelia Necklace
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The Iluka Earrings

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