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The Azul Earrings – Amazonite Dangle Earrings


Just lovely…sometimes that’s all that needs to be said.

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You'll love the simplicity and beauty in these amazonite dangle earrings.

There's nothing more sophisticated than petite pearls paired with amazonite gemstones...found in these drop earrings.

The Azul Earrings.  Amazonite dangle earrings are just plain pretty and stylish.

You don’t often see this particular shape found in these amazonite gemstones.  Additionally, the color is something to behold.  On the surface you see the aqua blue that amazonite is known for.  However, if you look closely, the deep aqua color is deep within the stone.  On the surface is a transparent lighter shade that allows the color within to come through.  The result is pretty fabulous.

Petite pearls are the perfect accent for these amazonite gemstones.  Their iridescent surface is breathtaking.

The ear wires are hand crafted from Argentium silver. 

These earrings pair beautifully with some of the pieces in the Elegant Beach Bum Collection.  Take a look.


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Finally, a fun little fact.  The name Azul means blue.  Perfect for the blue of the amazonite.

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The Maris Ring
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