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The Carina Earrings-Silver Earrings


Not only are hoops fun to wear but these are also fabulous and a little bit flirty.

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These circle drop earrings may be soft-spoken and subtle in their design but you can't deny their graceful elegance.

Not your everyday silver hoops. There's no end to how you can style them.

The Carina Earrings are by far the best silver hoops you’ve come across in a long time.  

Hoop earrings have been a fashion staple for centuries.  These however are quite unique.  Not only in their design but by combining the two metals.  When the warmth of gold is paired with the brilliance of silver, the result is really striking.   

The hoops and ear wires are handcrafted using Argentium silver.  They have a hammered finish which adds both depth and character.  A brushed finish plays across the gold filled plates, also made by hand.  

The Carina Earrings are more traditional but also tres chic.  You can wear them with any style.  Whether you’re going casual or doing a night out, they won’t disappoint. 

If you’re going for more of bold look, try either The Allegra Earrings or The Pari Earrings.  If you want that “WOW” factor, wear them with The Gabbi Bracelet and Gillian Necklace.

In case you’re wondering…

“What are the best ways to wear hoop earrings?”

If you’re going for a

  • Cool Hipster – oversized is the way to go but be sure to add bright lipstick to complete the look
  • Boho Inspired – large and sassy for sure, add a bunch of bangles and layered necklaces
  • Chic and Modern – choose geometric shapes
  • Classic – go for smaller hoops that don’t overpower your outfit think Audrey Hepburn

Hoop earrings are timeless, classic and elegant.  Not to mention how versatile they are.  You can never go wrong when choosing them.

The Gabbi Bracelet
The Gillian Necklace


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