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  • The Darcy Earrings

The Darcy Earrings-Gold Duster Earrings

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There’s no denying these gemstone duster earrings are fun, flirty and oh so fabulous. 


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Gorgeous gemstones along with a variety of gold beads adorn these fabulous gemstone dangle earrings earrings.

You'll fall in love with these luscious gold duster earrings. Fun to wear and definitely head turning.

The Darcy Earrings.  Gold duster earrings that are simply marvelous and oh so flirty.

A variety of gemstone combinations adorn these gold filled earrings.  Dangling from hand cut petals is a single strand of gemstones and a delicate gold filled chain.  Which is also accented with a single petal.


  •  Tourmaline – Petite gemstones with colors ranging from hibiscus to soft pink, sage green to lightly hued evergreen.  Additionally, the tourmaline are accented with gold filled rondel beads.  
  • Green Garnet – Also known as grossular.  Derived from the botanical name for the gooseberry.  (Just a fun little fact.)  Faceted stones the color of green apples.  In addition, you’ll find hessonite garnet gemstones.  The color of cinnamon.  Both are transparent.  Accenting these stones are corrugated gold beads.
  • Peach MoonstoneA lovely combination of peach moonstones and honey citrine dominate these gold duster earrings.  Gold coated glass beads accent both gemstones.
  • RubyRubies that are both deep and rich in their coloring.  Delicate black spinel gemstones accent the rubies.  Not only are these gemstones faceted but the gold beads are as well.

No matter which option you choose, you can’t go wrong.  The result of pairing these stones together makes these gemstone duster earrings flat out gorgeous.

The Darcy Earrings are the perfect accessory for either jeans and a tee or that little black dress.  They’re simple but also fun and elegant.

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Green Garnet, Peach Moonstone, Ruby, Tourmaline


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