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The Esme Earrings-Chalcedony Dangle Earrings


The beauty is in the simplicity…delicate and dainty.  Your perfect everyday earrings.

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These gray chalcedony earrings are both simple and stylish with a subtle touch of color.

Whether you choose ear wire or posts, you still get the flirty feel of a dangle earring.

The Esme Earrings.  Chalcedony dangle earrings that are so versatile, you could wear them with anything.  And, you’ll probably want to.

Both ear wires and pendulum post earrings are hand crafted from  Argentum silver wire. 

Softly hued gray chalcedony gemstones adorn these silver earrings.  Not only are these stones teardrop shaped but they’re cut with facets to catch the light.  In addition, they’re opaque. 

Be sure to check out The Esme Necklace and The Esme Bracelet.  Both pieces would be a beautiful complement to these chalcedony dangle earrings.  In like manner, the silver pendulum earrings too, if that’s your choice.  If you prefer earrings that are simple studs, try The Asta Earrings.

Why this Series…

Last Fall I was approached by Maturing Mama’s creator, Chanelle Jen.Y regarding advertising for Bella Rose Jewelry Design.  While I don’t normally do any publication  type advertising (whether online or in print), Maturing Mama was different.  I believe in their message.

Maturing Mama was created in 2018.  “It has become a brand embraced by mothers around the world and a community inspiring authentic motherhood.”  They place a huge emphasis on truth and a persons well being.

For more detailed information, follow this link…

Here’s the direct link to my article:

Not only will my feature be published in their online magazine on May 10th but it will also be on Instagram at: 

I decided to create a limited collection of pieces with a portion of the proceeds going to the National Alliance on Mental Health, (  Normally I donate to a local animal shelter but to support Maturing Mama, any purchases from this collection will have a portion of the proceeds going toward mental health awareness.

This collection focuses on pieces for everyday wear, simple and stylish but with meaning.  Not only are the colors trending for 2021 (per the Pantone color guide) but they represent qualities that we all strive for.  In the same fashion, I chose names that also represent these qualities.  This series, The Esme Series means “Loved”.

The main colors are:

Illuminating yellow – I chose citrine.  Citrine represents optimism, power and happiness. 

Ultimate gray – For this I decided on Sapphire and Chalcedony.  Sapphire is Power, strength and kindness.  Chalcedony means inner peace and emotional honesty.

Complementary colors are:

Turquoise – Wisdom, tranquility and hope – The Irie Series

Amethyst – Healing and purifying – The Drea Series

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