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The Fiona Necklace-Gold Chain Necklace


This lovely gold pendant necklace was my submission to a new series…NCIS Hawaii…for consideration.

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This simple gold necklace will surely become a favorite.

Gold necklaces are always classic but with the added pendant, it now becomes a stylish design.

Gold chain necklace.  The Fiona Necklace is sure to become a “must-have” accessory.  You’ll love the simplicity of the delicate gold filled chain.  It’s very dainty and feminine.  

As stated earlier gold chains are a classic style design.  But, when the plank pendants are added, this gold bar necklace becomes more contemporary and stylish.

Faceted gold beads sit snuggly between each plank.  As well as bookending the outside planks.  Likewise they adorn the clasp too.

Both clasp and pendant pieces are hand cut and formed from gold filled metal.

The necklace length is approximately 16 inches.  With the pendants adding a bit more length to this simple gold necklace.

You can’t go wrong with the versatility of The Fiona Necklace…perfect for any day of the week.  Or any occasion for that matter.

Because I’m a member of The Artisan Group, I have the amazing opportunity to submit jewelry to stylist of various media outlets to be considered for use.  This gold pendant necklace was sent to the stylist of “NCIS Hawaii”.

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