• Multi-Gemstone-Dangle-Earrings
  • Multi-Gemstone-Dangle-Earrings
  • Multi-Gemstone-Dangle-Earrings
  • Multi-Gemstone-Dangle-Earrings

The Flora Earrings-Gold Gemstone Dangle Earrings


An absolute gorgeous display of sun drenched color together with radiating warmth of the gold is simply divine.

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There's something so fun and flirty about these gemstone duster earrings.

These multi-gemstone earrings are breezy, playful and just plain fun.

The Flora Earrings are Gold Gemstone Dangle EarringsFun and feminine with a touch of modern romance.  That’s exactly what you get with these cheerful gemstone earrings.

Three gemstones dangle from open gold petals:

  • First – Petite grossular garnet rondels.  Lime green coloring with a rondel shape.  Which is to say a flattened ball shape.
  • Second – Apatite gemstones.  A rich aqua blue with a smooth finish.
  • Third – Lemon quartz, the color of sunshine and lemonade.  Teardrop shaped.

Not only are the garnet stones faceted, the quartz is as well.  Facets allow them to catch the light at every turn.  The sparkle is magnificent.  While the other stones are faceted the apatite is both flat and smooth.  Moreover, the one commonality is that they’re all translucent.

All three stones dangle from open petals which hang from ear wire.  Both pieces are hand cut and formed from gold filled metal.  

As a result of pairing the gemstones with the gold, these Gold Gemstone Dangle Earrings have a warm, summery vibe. 

Easily transition from day to evening with The Flora Earrings.

Furthermore, these gemstone drop earrings would make a great gift.  For yourself or someone else.

Be sure to check out the other gemstone earrings in this series…from soft to bold colors.  The Amelia Earrings are the color cherry blossoms in Spring.  The Blythe Earrings are the color of sunshine.

When you purchase these nature inspired earrings you can be sure to receive jewelry that:

  • Is hand crafted and never mass produced.
  • Gives back with a 10% donation to a local animal shelter.
  • Qualifies for free shipping (US customers only).
The Amelia Earrings
The Blythe Earrings

If you’re a visual person like me, it’s nice to see style boards.  Here’s a sample outfit for Spring and Summer styled around The Flora Earrings.


I am in no way affiliated with any of these brands.  I only use them as examples to showcase my jewelry.


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