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  • The Greta Necklace
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The Greta Necklace – Sapphire Beaded Necklace


This little beauty is perfect for everyday wear, on it’s own or layering with others.

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Just the right touch of color to complement the warmth of the gold. That's what you'll find with this simple gold bar necklace.

The Greta Necklace.  Sapphire beaded necklace is tastefully understated and just pretty.

Petite sapphire beads book end a single corrugated gold filled bead.  They’re then wrap around a curved gold bar. Which in turn hangs between delicate strands of gold filled chain.  Put all these components together and the result is both tasteful and timeless.

The clasp is hand crafted and adorned with lovely sapphire gemstones.

If your style is on the minimalist side, then this gold bar necklace is perfect for you.  It’s classic and dainty, elegant yet simple.  Not only can you wear The Greta Necklace by itself but is it’s so perfect for layering with others.  Dress it up or go casual.  Either way, it’ll complement any style, day or night. 

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