• The India Necklace
  • The India Necklace
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The India Necklace – Rainbow Moonstone Necklace


This soft spoken moonstone necklace will surprise you with it’s understated beauty.

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You'll be surprised at how the moonstone in this pendant necklace will draw you in.

The timeless beauty in this rainbow moonstone necklace will delight you for years to come.

The India Necklace. This rainbow moonstone necklace is both stylish and ever so versatile.

A gorgeous moonstone sits nestled within an Argentium silver bezel cup.  This bezel itself sits on a silver plate with a brushed finish.

Now for the color.  Looking straight into the stone, you see a white cloudiness that’s both translucent and opaque.  Once in awhile when the light catches the stone, you’ll see hints of soft blues.  Coupled with the ability to see through the stone itself, the result is simply marvelous.

All aspects of this necklace have been hand crafted from Argentium silver.  This includes the bezel cup, the plate on which it sits and the bail.  However, the bezel is fine silver, not Argentium.

The moonstone pendant hangs from delicate Argentium silver chain.  Petite aquamarine gemstone beads accent the chain at the clasp, which is also hand crafted.  The overall length is 18.5 inches.  The pendant is 1 inch square while the actual moonstone is 12 x 12mm.

If you’re looking for the perfect companion piece.  The Juno Ring is a beautiful complement for this moonstone pendant necklace.

Rainbow moonstones emanate optimism and inner peace. 

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