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The Kali Necklace-Gemstone Necklace


You’ll definitely make a bold statement with this striking chrysocalla gemstone necklace. 


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This silver pendant necklace is definitely a statement piece with it's vibrancy and colorful gemstone.

"Unforgettable", just one of the words that describes this luscious gemstone pendant necklace.

The Kali Necklace.  This gemstone pendant necklace is sure to please.

A stunning chrysocalla gemstone hangs from a delicate strand of Argentium silver chain.  You can see the bright blues and greens in each of these stones.  One of the stones has deep indigo coloring while the other has colors of rich clay.  Simply captivating.

Each stone found in these pendant necklaces sits nestled in a silver bezel cup.  A decorative roping encases each bezel.  Additionally, a grouping of leaves and berries accents each stone.

All aspects of The Kali Necklace have been hand crafted.  As a matter of fact, this includes the clasp, bail, roping and leaves.

Each chrysocalla pendant necklace is 16 inches with a two inch extender chain.  The pendant adds an additional 2 inches.

If you have a preference in shape, please indicate this in the comment section when checking out.


  • The Teardrop – This stone has the rich clay coloring at the bottom.  Green chalcedony and hessonite garnet gemstones accent the clasp.  A citrine gemstones adorns the extender chain.
  • The Square (irregular) – You’ll find this stone has a river of dark indigo. A black Swarovski crystal adorns the extender.  Blue amazonite, green chalcedony and black spinel accent the clasp.

Fun Fact – Chrysocalla represent communication, gentleness and power. 

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