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The Kayla Earrings-Silver Aquamarine Hoop Earrings


These pretty hoop earrings were submitted to the stylist of the Netflix series “Hit & Run”, for consideration.

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Flat out gorgeous...horizontal hoop post earrings.

Silver horizontal hoops aquamarine and cut glass.  Hand crafted Argentium silver hoops, referred to as “horizontal hoops” back in 2003 when they were a popular trend.  Still popular today but with the added touch of aquamarine gemstones and cut glass.  The results are the perfect style accessory for day as well as evening. 

They’re both fun and fabulous.  You may have just found your favorite fashion piece.

In association with The Artisan Group, I have the amazing opportunity to submit my jewelry to the stylist of various media productions in consideration for use on the show.  These earrings are going to the stylist of a brand new Netflix series “Hit & Run”.  

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Submission to the new Netflix series "Firefly Lane"
In consideration for the series "The Young & The Restless"
Submission for the NBC hit series "This is Us"

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