• Front-Toggle-Necklace
  • Front-Toggle-Necklace
  • Front-Toggle-Necklace
  • Front-Toggle-Necklace
  • Front-Toggle-Necklace
  • Front-Toggle-Necklace
  • Front-Toggle-Necklace

The Kinsley Necklace-Front Toggle Necklace


Love the look of a toggle necklace?  You can’t beat the beauty you’ll find in this delightful multi gemstone necklace.

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You’ll make your statement when you wear this gemstone long gem drop necklace.

Looking for jewelry that no one else has…that’s what you get with this eye-catching spinel gemstone necklace.

The Kinsley Necklace is a front toggle necklace that is both stylish and refined.  Eye candy for sure.

First, notice the stunning purple spinel cabochons sitting within silver bezel nests.  Although the color may be referred to as purple, you could just as easily say they’re violet or a grey-purple.  I was recently told the color reminded them of a twilight sky, how wonderful.  Whatever color you see, they’re magical!

Second is the toggle itself.  Both fashioned from Argentium silver.  Because the toggle clasp is in front, it actually becomes part of the pendant necklace itself. 

And third, various gemstones connect the toggle to the chain.  Amethyst, which is a slightly lighter shade than the spinel.  Petite peridot and citrine gemstones adorn the other side.  As well as the spinel gemstones being faceted, both peridot and citrine are too.  They can’t help but sparkle when touched by the light.  Equally important are the amethyst, with their smooth surface and translucency.

The chain is a figure eight pattern also from Argentium silver.

As a result of all these components, The Kinsley Necklace is simply a splendid spinel gemstone necklace.  Together with the chain, this front toggle necklace is 20 inches with the pendant adding another 3. 

If you prefer a necklace that’s a little less bold, have a peek at The Vera Necklace or The Whitley Necklace.  Both are single spinel gemstone necklaces.

Is spinel jewelry considered a birthstone?

Yes, it’s considered one of the birthstones for August.  Peridot is the first and spinel is the second (in all it’s various colors).

Fun Fact:

Because spinel comes in so many colors, they’re often mistaken for other gemstones.  In fact, some royal crown rubies were actually spinel. 

Different types of silver were used to create this spinel pendant necklace. 

  • Both the  twisted wire and clasp are Argentium silver
  • Sterling silver was used for the base and the chain. 
  • Fine silver was used for the bezel.  

Furthermore, all aspects have been hand crafted.

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