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The Lyra Earrings-Ruby Drop Earrings

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These beauties are not your typical red colored ruby but a vivid reddish purple called fuchsia.

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Nothing says "timeless beauty" more than rubies. These ruby dangle earrings are definitely beautiful and timeless.

Elegant, classy, dainty...just some of the ways you can describe these lovely silver ruby earrings.

The Lyra Earrings are simple ruby drop earrings.  Although they may be simple, they still speak volumes.    

When you think of rubies what color comes to mind, red, right.  Well these are a vibrant reddish purple that straddles the line between pink and purple.  Otherwise known as fuchsia.

Set within a fine silver bezel cup with a decorative silver band.  Both bezel cups and ear wires have been handcrafted.  However, the ear wires are made from Argentium silver.

In addition to being a classic and timeless gemstone, it’s also the birthstone for all you July babes out there.

These particular rubies are lab grown.

Are lab grown rubies real gemstones?

To put it simply, yes.  They are most definitely real gemstones.  They have the same chemical make up as those that naturally occur from a mine.  The one difference is that naturally occuring rubies will have fissures and inclusions.  Lab grown rubies are flawless.

Not only are these perfect for any special occasion but you can go casual as well.  Either way you can’t go wrong with The Lyra Earrings.

Another option for teardrop dangle earrings would be The Enyd Earrings or The Sadira Earrings.  

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else they’re sure to please.

When you purchase these ruby drop earrings you can be sure to receive genuine gemstone jewelry that is hand crafted and never mass produced.  Plus, 10% of the profit goes to a local animal shelter.  What could be better than that. 

The Enyd Earrings
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