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The Majori Rings – Pearl Stacking Rings

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These stacking rings are so elegantly simple and so versatile.  You’ll love the many different ways to wear them.

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These silver stacking rings are simply irresistible.

The classic pearl becomes very trendy and chic when put together with the other stacking rings.

The Majori Rings.  Pearl stacking rings are not only fun to wear but very versatile.  There are so many ways to wear them.  You can wear them one at a time.  Maybe you prefer wearing them on different fingers.  Or even wear just two or three together.  So many options.  They’re all pretty no matter how you choose to wear them.

The stand out ring is the pearl solitaire.  Elegantly simple and oh so lovely.  Together with the twisted wire bands and the solid bands, the results are fabulous.

Let’s talk about each stacking ring.  The pearl solitaire is an iridescent pearl which sits nestled within a silver bezel cup.  Two of the rings are twisted wire.  One is very delicate and dainty while the other is heavier.  But not too heavy or thick.  Lastly are the two solid bands…each with it’s own special twist.

Additionally, each ring is hand crafted and constructed using Argentium silver.

Pairing pearls with various gemstones which reflect colors of the sea, you get the perfect pieces for The Elegant Beach Bum.  The other pieces in this set are paired with carnelian, the colors of ocean coral.    

The Majori rings are part of a three piece set.  However, these stacking rings pair beautifully with other pieces in the Elegant Beach Bum Collection.  


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Finally, a fun little fact.  The name Majori means pearl.  Could there be a more perfect fit.

You’ll definitely have fun playing around with this collection of pieces.

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