• Lapis-Pendant-Necklace
  • Lapis-Pendant-Necklace
  • Lapis-Pendant-Necklace
  • Lapis-Pendant-Necklace
  • Lapis-Pendant-Necklace

The Morena Necklace-Lapis Lazuli Pendant Necklace


A winning combination of brilliant silver paired with vibrant cobalt blue.  That’s what you get with this lapis lazuli necklace.

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An enchanting burst of color is found in this blue lapis necklace.

The color of this lapis pendant necklace is as cool and crisp as a Fall evening.

This lapis lazuli pendant necklace, also called The Morena Necklace.  Classic elegance to be sure.

When you look at this brilliantly colored gemstone, what do you think of?  I think of cool, crisp Autumn evenings with a sky brimming with shimmering stars. 

An baguette shaped lapis lazuli gemstone sits nestled within a simple bezel cup.  Made using fine silver.  Decorative beaded wire frames the lapis pendant. 

A hammered silver bail connects the pendant to a delicate Argentium silver chain.  This lapis lazuli pendant necklace is 18 inches.

Not only are the bezel and bail handcrafted, the toggle clasp is as well.  

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Did you know…

  • The name is composed of “Lapis,” the Latin word for stone, and “Azula,” which comes from the Arabic and means “blue.”
  • Ancient Egyptians regarded lapis lazuli as a heavenly stone and often used it on the statues of their gods and in burial masks, as protection for the next life.
  • Lapis lazuli is one of the birthstones for December.
  • It is one of world’s most popular men’s gems.
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