• Green-Amethyst-Stud-Earrings
  • Green-Amethyst-Stud-Earrings
  • Green-Amethyst-Stud-Earrings
  • Green-Amethyst-Stud-Earrings
  • Green-Amethyst-Stud-Earrings

The Nina Earrings-Green Amethyst Stud Earrings


Soft, subtle and spectacular.  Classic stud earrings with a bit of flair added by the tanzanite gemstone dangle.

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These tanzanite drop earrings are the best of two worlds...classic and contemporary.

Both bold and demure. You'll have both with these green amethyst earrings.

Green Amethyst Stud Earrings or The Nina EarringsProof that dangle earrings and stud earrings have an enduring beauty.

What can I say about the green amethyst, other than spectacular.  A softly hued green as pale as blades of grass in early Spring.  In addition to the color, the translucency is mesmerizing.  It actually takes on a silver undertone.

Next and equally gorgeous is the tanzanite gemstone.  It’s teardrop shape is the perfect complement to the cushion cut amethyst.  To say nothing of the color…as violet in color as canterbury bell flowers or wisteria blossoms.  Simply delightful.

They may be different in color and shape, but they’re the same in that they’re both faceted.  As a result they both sparkle every time they catch the light.

In the same fashion, both stones are paired well against warm gold and brilliant silver.

These Green Amethyst Stud Earrings are the epitome of classic elegance.

Plus, you’ll see how versatile The Nina Earrings can be.  Especially if you want to add a “pop” of color to a neutral outfit.

Did You Know…

“Green amethyst is said to have been favored by many great kings and queen of both ancient and modern times. Some examples of this stunning green gemstone are even featured in the crown jewels.  An association with royalty gives this gemstone a sense of prestigiousness and grandeur, making it an incredibly desirable stone for any jewelry collector.”

Fun Fact:

“Tanzanite is a shocking 1000 times more rare than a diamond. Discovered for the first time in 1967 and only found in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, these gemstones go for about $1,500 per carat. Tanzanite has the ability to change color depending on the angle of light it is in.”

Be sure to check out the other gemstone earrings in this series…from soft to bold colors.  The Suvi Earrings are the color of a freshly squeezed lime.  The Eloise Earrings are the color cherry blossoms in Spring.  But The Claire earrings are as bold as a bright orange sunset.

When you purchase these nature inspired earrings you can be sure to receive jewelry that:

  • Is hand crafted and never mass produced.
  • Gives back with a 10% donation to a local animal shelter.
  • Qualifies for free shipping (US customers only).
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If you’re a visual person like me, it’s nice to see style boards.  Here’s a sample outfit for Spring and Summer styled around The Nina Earrings.


I am in no way affiliated with any of these brands.  I only use them as examples to showcase my jewelry.


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